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Updated: Apr 14

The Philippines is a new star on Asia's tourism map, rapidly gaining popularity for its spectacular natural wealth and unique cultural heritage. The statistics are undeniable: the Philippines ranked second in secondary tourist return, confirming its status as the leading tourist destination in the region.

Consisting of more than 7,000 islands, most of which are uninhabited, the Philippines promises to exceed tourists' expectations. From white-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters to dense rainforests and active volcanoes, this archipelago offers a variety of opportunities for adventure and discovery.

But one of the most exciting adventures is the expeditions between the islands of Coron and El Nido, located in the most ecologically sound region of the Philippines. It is believed that 70% of tourists choose this route and consider it the highest point of their trip. Swimming among emerald islands, exploring underwater caves and discovering the rich underwater fauna turn into an unforgettable experience for everyone who decides to embark on this unique expedition. This tour is a real sea voyage of 3 to 5 days among incredibly beautiful islands, recognized as the best in the world. The journey is on a traditional Filipino ship providing comfort and a cozy atmosphere.

Expeditions between El Nido and Coron is an amazing adventure that seems to take you out of your routine and immerse you in a world of incredible beauty and adventure. Imagine yourself in the vastness of the Pacific Ocean, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, sailing among stunning islands that seem to be carved out of fairy tale dreams.

Your sea voyage will begin in El Nido or Coron, where you will meet your traditional Filipino ship, ready to take you to the amazing world of the islands. As you climb aboard, you'll be immersed in an atmosphere of adventure and discovery, ready to conquer the vast expanse of the ocean.

From the first moment of your journey, you will feel the magic of the place: the turquoise waters surrounding you will seem transparent, as if inviting you into its depths. Throughout the day, you will explore a variety of islands, each with its own character and beauty. You sail past winding cliffs washed by the waves, pass secluded white sand beaches and enjoy majestic views of magnificent sunsets.

Your journey takes you through unique destinations such as Palawan Island, with its dense forests and breathtaking mountain views, and Coron Island, with its stunning underwater caves and rich underwater world, and over 60 other islands along the way!

In the evening, as the sun begins to slip towards the horizon, you settle down for the night in authentic beachfront bungalows, where the stars above you shine brighter than you've ever seen. Here you savor fresh local cuisine, ready to exquisitely highlight your unique journey.

The Philippines is more than just a vacation destination, it is a source of inspiration and adventure that will leave unforgettable memories in the heart of every traveler for a lifetime.

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