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expeditions el nido coron
Our company currently has several boats for group and private island hopping and expedition tours.

1. We have over 10 traditional Filipino boats island hopping tours in El Nido. They are 34-42 feet long and have a capacity of 18-25 people.

2. Speed boat with capacity 12 people.

3. Leopard 40 catamaran. World standards of yachting. One of the best brands. Sailing experience with comfort. Overnight accommodation.

4. Three sheep for expeditions between El Nido and Coron with vanguard 92ft Sea Quest 2, built in 2023. 3 decks, over 100m2, kitchen, cabins and RR, speed up to 16 nautical miles per hour.

Якорь 1

The expedition from El Nido to Coron is over 100 nautical miles, takes a minimum of 3 days and visits around 15 islands along the way. For overnight accommodation we will be staying on private islands in authentic bungalows or in small beachfront resorts.

The hotel category depends on the category of your expedition - economy/business. Check out some of them:

Nacpan beach glamping
Dryft Darocoran island
Moon beach villas

Duli beach resort

Noa Noa private island

The Dream resort

Sunlight Ecohotel

Baia Serena resort

Cuisine is our pride. Our company has its own farm and fishing boats, so all products are first hand freshness.


The professional chef on board will introduce you to a variety of local cuisine as well as the main European dishes. 

We can create menus for vegans, vegetarians and Pescetarian on request.

Masterclasses in local cuisine are also available on our tours.

Bon appetit!


Inclusions of activities depend on your tour package.
For group island hopping tours in El Nido - that's kayaking in the lagoons and snorkelling in the best spots.

For private island hopping tours - we can afford to do more because maybe your company only wants to stay on a few islands. So if you want to immerse yourself in island life, have lunch on a deserted island, play volleyball on white sandy beaches or try your hand at fishing, no problem.

On expeditions, the activities are much more varied. If it is a 5 day expedition El Nido - Coron, you will be offered much more than snorkelling and kayaking - surfing lessons, yoga lessons, traditional Filipino massage, masterclass of local cuisine, free diving and so on.



We will only cancel the trip if there is a severe weather warning and the Coast Guard does not give us permission to proceed. Or if the chosen boat is not suitable due to a technical fault. 

If a trip is cancelled, we will automatically reschedule it for another day within the next three days. If you cancel within this period, no refund will be given. A full refund (excluding payment system fees) will only be given if we personally cancel the entire excursion.

If you cancel more than 30 days prior to departure, a cancellation fee of 30% of the tour price per person will be charged. If you cancel less than 30 days prior to departure, no refund will be made. This also applies if the number of participants is reduced.

No refunds will be given for failure to appear on the scheduled departure date.

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