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El Nido tours

El Nido, situated in Palawan, Philippines, is renowned for its spectacular boat tours and island-hopping adventures. You can choose from group island-hopping tours or opt for a private boat tour for a more personalized experience.

El Nido Island Hopping: El Nido offers four main island-hopping tours: A, B, C, and D. Each tour has its own unique attractions, such as hidden lagoons, pristine beaches, and underwater caves. These group tours are popular for meeting fellow travelers and are usually more budget-friendly.

Private boat Tours: For a more exclusive and tailored experience, private boat tours are a fantastic option. You can customize your itinerary and visit the specific spots you desire. This is ideal for couples, families, or groups of friends looking for privacy and flexibility.

Expeditions El Nido Coron Palawan: If you're seeking a grand adventure, consider embarking on an expedition from El Nido to Coron. This journey takes you through some of the most pristine and remote areas in Palawan. It's a longer and more adventurous route, perfect for those who want to explore the less-visited gems of the region.

Scuba diving in El Nido: Philippines, is an exhilarating adventure that unveils the mesmerizing underwater world of this tropical paradise. Nestled within the enchanting Bacuit Bay, El Nido offers a diverse marine ecosystem and a vibrant coral kingdom waiting to be explored. Divers in El Nido can expect to encounter a wide array of marine creatures, including colorful reef fish, sea turtles, sharks, and even the occasional manta ray. 

el nido tours
el nido tours
El nido island hopping
el nido island hopping
island hopping el nido

El Nido island hopping tours are a highlight of any visit to this tropical paradise in Palawan, Philippines. These tours, labeled A, B, C, and D, offer an unforgettable exploration of the region's stunning landscapes.

Tour A: This tour is famous for its Big Lagoon and Small Lagoon, where you can kayak through crystal-clear waters surrounded by towering limestone cliffs. You'll also visit Secret Lagoon, Shimizu Island, and 7 Commando Beach.

Tour B: Tour B takes you to some of the most beautiful beaches in El Nido, including Snake Island, Pinagbuyutan Island, Cudugnon Cave, and Entalula Beach. The pristine shores and crystal waters make it a favorite among travelers.

Tour C: This tour explores hidden beaches, coves, and lagoons, including Matinloc Shrine, Helicopter Island, Secret Beach, and Star Beach. The dramatic rock formations and turquoise waters are truly breathtaking.

Tour D: Tour D showcases the underwater wonders of El Nido with stops at Small Lagoon, Cadlao Lagoon, Paradise Beach, and Natnat Beach. It's a snorkeler's paradise with vibrant marine life.

Each El Nido island hopping tour offers its unique charm, so you can choose the one that aligns with your preferences, or take multiple tours to experience a wide range of El Nido's natural beauty. It's an opportunity to immerse yourself in the splendor of this tropical paradise.

El Nido private tours

El Nido private boat tours provide a more exclusive and personalized experience for visitors looking to explore the stunning beauty of Palawan at their own pace. Here are some key points about private tours in El Nido:

Customized Itinerary: One of the main advantages of a private boat tour is the ability to create a customized itinerary. You can work with the tour operator to design your ideal route, including specific islands, beaches, and snorkeling spots you want to visit. This flexibility allows you to make the most of your time in El Nido.

Privacy and Comfort: Private tours are perfect for couples, families, or groups of friends who seek privacy and comfort. You won't have to share the boat with strangers, and you can enjoy the company of your own group.

Avoid Crowds: El Nido's group tours can get crowded, especially during peak tourist seasons. Private tours offer a more intimate and peaceful experience, allowing you to explore popular attractions without the hustle and bustle of large groups.

More Time at Each Stop: With a private tour, you have the luxury of spending as much time as you like at each destination. Whether you want to swim, snorkel, relax on the beach, or take in the scenery, you're not rushed.

Few private boats to choose from: 36ft boat, 92ft boat, speedboat, catamaran.

While private tours may be more expensive than group tours, the experience of having the stunning landscapes of El Nido all to yourself is well worth it for those looking for a truly exclusive and memorable adventure.

private tours El Nido
el nido expeditions
Boat expeditions El Nido Coron Paawan
expeditions palawan el nido coron
palawan expeditions

Discover the Unforgettable Beauty of Palawan on a Boat Expedition from El Nido to Coron (or Coron to El Nido). 

Embark on an extraordinary adventure through the pristine waters of Palawan with our expertly crafted boat expeditions. Whether you are starting from El Nido or Coron, each journey promises breathtaking scenery, diverse activities, and unforgettable experiences. Choose the perfect expedition length for your travel style:

3-Day ExpeditionDive into a whirlwind of adventure on our 3-day expedition. Explore stunning islands, relax on white sand beaches, and engage in thrilling activities like snorkeling, kayaking, and cliff jumping. Ideal for those seeking a quick yet comprehensive taste of Palawan’s beauty.

4-Day ExpeditionExtend your adventure with our 4-day expedition. Enjoy additional time to discover hidden gems, partake in unique Filipino cooking workshops, and immerse yourself in the rich culture and natural wonders of Palawan. Perfect for travelers wanting a balanced mix of relaxation and exploration.

5-Day ExpeditionFor the ultimate Palawan experience, our 5-day expedition offers an in-depth exploration of the region’s most beautiful spots. Enjoy more activities, from yoga on the beach to jet skiing and water skiing. This extended journey ensures you experience all the highlights and hidden treasures of El Nido and Coron.

Group and Private Expeditions: Whether you prefer the camaraderie of group travel or the exclusivity of a private tour, we have the perfect expedition for you. Our group expeditions foster new friendships and shared experiences, while our private tours offer personalized itineraries and the ultimate in luxury and privacy.

El Nido scuba diving

Experience the enchanting underwater world of El Nido like never before with scuba diving. Dive into the crystal-clear waters of this tropical paradise and discover a thriving ecosystem teeming with vibrant coral reefs and an array of marine life.

El Nido, nestled in the Philippines, is renowned for its stunning limestone karsts and hidden lagoons. But beneath the surface lies a secret world waiting to be explored. Scuba diving in El Nido offers a unique opportunity to witness the diverse marine life that calls these waters home.

As you descend into the depths, you'll be greeted by a mesmerizing palette of colors – schools of fish in every shape and size, from playful clownfish to majestic sea turtles, all navigating through the intricate coral formations. The vibrant coral gardens create an enchanting backdrop for your adventure, as you swim alongside iridescent angelfish and camouflaged seahorses.

El Nido is also famous for its underwater caves, adding an element of mystery to your dive. Exploring these subterranean chambers, you'll feel like an explorer on an underwater expedition.

Whether you're a seasoned diver or a beginner, El Nido's dive sites offer something for everyone. Certified divers can delve into the deeper realms, while beginners can opt for introductory dives, guided by experienced instructors.

So, if you're seeking an unforgettable adventure that immerses you in the wonders of the ocean, scuba diving in El Nido is an experience you won't want to miss. Explore, discover, and be captivated by the hidden treasures that lie beneath the surface of this breathtaking destination.

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el nido diving
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